Hi, I'm Soline !
Nice to meet you.

I am a Senior Product Designer for 6 years.
I do like sketching and building out products that help people.

I make great designs, and guess what ?
I love that!

Speak about your project

An application for the greediest who want to buy their groceries and cook recipes πŸ˜‹

I designed the user interface of this app, also thought about the user flows and how to empower the shopping experience on mobile.

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A human resources app, to help employees spend their holidays in the sun 🌴

The goal was to design a more modern, simpler and more intuitive Application, and add it a mobile version.

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Designing the perfect Burrito 🌯 : A Guide to build a delicious Design system

A collaborative work to improve components and fix issues, in order to solve users’ problems and have one single source of truth.

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Coming soon !

I’m currently working on next projects...